Privacy Policy

All personal data is fundamentally treated in the strictest of confidence. Your personal data is used primarily to enable the optimum handling of orders, to deliver the merchandise, and to provide services. As all these services are carried out inhouse, we do not outsorce them, we do not pass your data on to any service providers.

For the purposes of handling payments, the data required will be stored only on the server of our payment processor. We do not collect or store any financial data on our servers. will not pass data, for example, your name, email, date-of-birth and address to credit, or marketinkg agencies.

We, or companies associated with us, will only use the address data (e.g. email address) given to us within the framework of order processing, for the purposes of advertising or market research when you have expressly given your permission for this.

Your permission can be retracted at any time by accessing your personal area under "My Account" and deactivating the relevant option.