Adaptol 500 mg #20

Adaptol 500 mg #20

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Mode of action:
Adaptol (mebikar) refers to a group of anxiolytics. Has a mild tranquilizing effect, reduces or eliminates the feeling of anxiety, fear, anxiety, razdrazhitelsnot, emotional stress. The action is not accompanied by changes in motor function (coordination), and muscle relaxation, so the day is Adaptol tranquilizer. Has hypnotic action, but potentiates the effects of drugs for the treatment of sleep disorders. Is membranostabilizatorom, cerebroprotector and adaptogen by antioxidant effects (especially under stress of various origins, which is accompanied by oxidative phenomena). Has properties antagonist-agonist adrenergic system. As a neurotransmitter - dopamine acts positively, thereby observed normostenicheskoe Adaptol action. Eases symptoms of withdrawal after cessation of smoking.

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